Book encourages towns to get homeless Off the Streets!

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Hot off the presses!!

New book encourages towns to get their homeless neighbors Off the Streets!

From Deaon Mike Oles

Help the Homeless Off the Streets One Person at a TimeAfter three long years, trying to hone the message, I’ve finally finished writing the book:

 Help The Homeless – OFF THE STREETS – One Person at a time.

It has been published through Not Forgotten Publications, founded by Alice Rowan.

It’s available as a paperback on

All profits/royalties are used 100% for security deposits for qualified homeless persons and families coming OFF THE STREETS.

Please spread the word on this ministry. We’ve gotten 400+ people and families OFF THE STREETS so far, in three States – Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and California. We have a long road ahead. This book is intended to prompt others to start their own OFF THE STREETS chapters in their own City and State.

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